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List of websites which are paying you to use them


Get payed to complete simple cool tasks. Easy, fast and well payed tasks, instant payments. P2S is actually my favorite, because they are paying most. The earn with them you must register, login to your email and click on confirmation link which you receive from them (sometimes takes few minutes to receive email ). When you confirm, login and complete your first offer(watch video, visit forum etc.) and see how easy it is to use them. Register

Get paid to complete offers

Simple PROGRAMS,SIMPLE OFFERS, SIMPLE WAY TO EARN MONEY. First 2 are absolutelly the best beacuse if contains most offers, but other programs are paying too so it dosen't have you to use them also if you want to earn.


I got Payed 3 times already by them.
As earning option they have: Paid offers, earn per, click and paid to promote. Minimum payment 1$.



Some owner like Clickia, some payment options, different offers. I got 2 payement for them.


Rewarding ways


Super Pay Me


Earn money by giving betting advices

You don't need some high sport knowledge for this, absolutely everyone can try this opportunity. Best things about this program is that it is very easy to use and earn, you need only few minutes per week and it is easy to build good reputation because competition is little. If you want to earn money like this, you must known that it contains small down side you can't sell your tips until you have some reputation. That it easy to understand, nobody wants to buy tip/advice from someone who has ZERO reputation, even you want buy something like that. To gain some reputation be active and tips regularly, at least 5-10 tips per week, next 4-6 week. This way your reputation goes up and users can see your statistics (% of wins, profit gained etc.). During firs few weeks while you prove yourself, there is a way to earn. Every tippster can participate in competition. 10 best tippsters in 3 categories earn cash(10 tippsters*3 categories=30 people get money).


Get Payed for surfing websites

This websites are paying you to surf trough websites and good thing about them is that once you press START SURFING button it works automatically. It means that you don’t have to do anything and you earn money. You don’t have to watch it at all.
It is great for using while you work on other websites or watch movies, while programs are earning you money.
Currently I got only 2 of this programs for now but new programs will added soon.

FH surf

Takes little time, effort and skipping offers to register, but once you manage to do it, they have nice paying plan and it is easy and earn.



Earn money for surfing and referring new users(5 level deep).